200+ Jobs on Offer at D'Orsogna Merrifield

Posted: 13th Dec

Small goods manufacturer D'Orsogna will be opening their Merrifield site in January 2019.

Jobs available include:

  • Freezer Hands
  • Thaw Labourers
  • Pickle Injectors
  • Brine Maker
  • Champagne Ham Fillers
  • Packers
  • Despatch

Whilst the employer is prepared to consider applicants with various backgrounds and skillsets, the following outlines some specific requirements as requested by the employer:

  • A driver's licence and/or a reliable transport option to access the site on Donnybrook Rd Mickleham
  • Applicants must be physicaly fit and be prepared to undertake a mandatory Medical Assessment
  • Applicants must have a good attitude and a willingness to work
  • Capacity to pass a Drug and Alcohol test
  • Be willing to work full time hours with shifts commencing between 5am and 7am
  • A general grasp of English is required

To register your interest please send your resume to joblink@hume.vic.gov.au .